Seguros de Salud Para Belleza

Comprehensive Health Insurance

Ensuring our health

Seguro Integral Belleza

It is very important as I have mentioned in previous post, have a good health insurance, because the work of both the hairdresser, beautician, manicure, make-up artist, and everything related to the world of aesthetics, we know that is a customized work .

Sinifica that if we do not work is a matter both of illness or an accident, we know that we will be without receiving an input of money.

I know you will say contract someone for replacement of us but we know that people get used to one it is difficult to conform, even that we train very well to the person who will be in our place, unless we are entrepreneurs of beauty and we have everything working that do not falata we are us, but in case not, I recommend that they are always protected by a good insurance.

I’ll never forget an anecdote told me a barber who had an accident on the bike and broke his hand, the point is that contract someone to do the work of the equally him under work because people do not He trusts the person that he had left in charge, and almost lose your job, for this reason.

In concussion I said, first we must be careful, but second to have a good insurance in case we have that problem and that we continue to receive an input of money to be able to recover, so I recommend you inquire at the delmundo place they are, if they want to enter the world of beauty, nurture, and averiguen to hire a good insurance, and thus sleep peacefully.

I hope that will be useful this post, the idea is compartirtlo with you, in experiences of visa and work of this wonderful world of beauty.

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