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Beard growth cycle – Barbershop

3 de junio de 2021

The life cycle of a beard hair extends over fifteen months

Each hair is in a different place: about two-thirds growing, one-third at the end of life, and only some at rest.

This sequential growth ensures a constant renewal of our beard, which explains why hair loss is not noticeable.

It is also partly the cause of the impression you may get that certain beard hairs grow faster than others.

On average, a beard hair grows 0.4 millimeters a day, but, as always, that can vary from one individual to another. .

The main factors that influence beard growth are:

Beard ancestors

Heredity: it is very likely that depending on the organism of each one
to the point of being confused with those of our ancestors; hormones, estrogens, testosterone or even thyroid hormones greatly influence the length of the hair’s life cycle and its thickness; metabolism: vitamin, amino acid and mineral salt deficiencies can slow down growth, cause hair loss, depigmentation or excessive fineness; external factors, stress, medical treatments, lack of sleep and tobacco.

Myths or reality:
After shaving, hair grows faster, thicker and denser, it’s a myth.
That is not true, technically going razor only sections the hair on the surface. The bulb remains intact and that hair is identical to the one you cut, so it will continue to grow.
The feeling that the hair is harder comes from the close cut and the fact that short hair appears stiffer, but as it grows it will soften.

If you want it to grow as fast as possible, there is only one solution: let the hair grow without intervening.

Some barbers will tell you anyway that after a month, trimming the beard a little reactivates the growth.

The use of certain cosmetics and pills can increase the amount, that also depends on each organism, but if your genetics is that your ancestors grew very little beards, generally the same thing will happen to you, there are no miracle treatments.

In the market there are many types of products and treatments, although the most effective if you want to have a dense beard, there are specialists who graft hair onto the beard, with the same method used for hair treatments that graft hair by hair onto the scalp .

Soft beard

Here is a video of the Sir Fausto brand so you can see the accessories that come for beards:

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